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My name is Matthew Goodman.  I work at a startup in San Francisco doing serial sectioning microscopy.  I am also theoretically a graduate researcher pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.  My focus is in biomedical signal and imaging analysis.  I am particularly interested in machine-learning analysis of image textures for segmentation analysis.

I just finished my Masters at the University of Arizona, for research concerning the role of density driven flow in solidification.  I got to plan a pair of experiments which were conducted on the International Space Station. (link)

Most broadly, I am fascinated by complex systems and enjoy using math, simulation, and modeling to describe them.  If pressed to list two key interests, they would be complex phenomenon that come from simple laws and mathematical modeling toward optimal engineering.

I am always interested in meeting/connecting with people.  There is no better way to accomplish big things than by the leadership and coordination of groups of people vested in similar goals.

When not programming furiously or working on other projects, I enjoy rock climbing, spelunking, rockooning, and urban exploration.

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